MarcoRocky commented on 2016 Miss Seafair crowned

Congratulations for the winner. I know your effort for this competition is very hard. pirate costume

MarcoRocky commented on Letter to the Editor: June 8, 2013

When you have a business, you need to give the best services. So, your customers will feel satisfied. pirate costume

When you decide to build new hospital, you need aware about the budget. Prepare the budget carefully for this project. pirate costume

I have Facebook account. I think this social media is famous and success. pirate costume

Drugs will make your day bad. Don't destroy your future with drugs. pirate costume

Nice photo that you share on this page. I think I see the happiness here. pokemon dog costume

This equipment is important to build this county. It can support public facitity in this county. pokemon dog costume

Running is a cheap sport and it will give good impact for your health. So, do it as you good habit. pokemon dog costume

This is a good news. I hope he will do his job and has good responsibility too. pokemon dog costume

MarcoRocky commented on Rockport woman killed in hit and run

I am sad hear this news. I think policeman and government should responsive for this case. pokemon dog costume