For me, football is cool sport. So, I always update my self with newest football match. 易借網

Give your best for this competition. I think that's important for you to do train your self more hard than before. 易借網

EllenMorana commented on Academic team competes

Spend time with your friends will make you happy. If you're friends positive and have good attitude, you will like them too. 易借網

EllenMorana commented on Lady Pirates

I love basketball but my sister don't like. Even we don't have same hobby, we still love each other. 易借網

EllenMorana commented on GOLF

Could you share about this sport? Maybe you can share about tips and trick to do this sport. 易借網

EllenMorana commented on 18-Wheeler Roll Over

Sure, I will wait for your update. It's nice to know about your experience in business field. 小額借款

EllenMorana commented on Copano Causeway 2015

Okay, if you share this rules I will try to read and obey. The point is rules was make for goodness. 小額借款

EllenMorana commented on Tropical Storm Flooding, June 17, 2015

This disaster is very annoying. But, that's happen because of all the consequences of our actions with this environment. 小額借款

EllenMorana commented on Aransas County Boat Parade 2015

That's nice and I believe there's some people join in this event. In my opinion, this event will be more entertain if celebrate on summer season. 小額借款

Don't forget to give your best to support your team. Football match like this always make me excited. 小額借款