Learning a new skill

Student sailors participating in the Rockport Yacht Club’s Learn to Sail Summer Program are, not in order, Briggs and Brooks Whatley, Kennedy and Cade Engel, Trevor and Hunter Guillen, Drake and Noah Thompson, Audra Beall, and Olivia Carney.

The Rockport Yacht Club (RYC) is hosting a Learn to Sail Summer Program for 10 new sailors (ages eight to 17) who want to discover how fun it is to sail. The program focuses on having fun while learning the basics of sailing.

The 10-day program began July 7 and is spread out over a three-week period.

Some of the things the student sailors learn are parts of a sailboat, knot tying, the basics of rigging and de-rigging, capsize recovery, identifying points of sail, wind direction and sail trim, and sailing rules of the road.

The RYC has club-owned Optimist sailboats the sailing program students use. The instructors are on the water, providing guidance and safety from a motor-driven safety boat, as well as on the docks. The instructors are enthusiastic, highly experienced sailors who have many years of experience running youth programs.

Safe boating and safe behavior at the RYC is the top priority of all concerned.

The students must pass the RYC’s swim skills test to participate in the sailing program and must always wear an approved personal flotation device when on or near the water.

During the program, the students will have an opportunity to crew on the RYC’s Harbor 20 sailboat, “Heidi”, where they will learn how it differs from the dinghies they are using in the program.

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