A gang of Pirates, including Brayden Anderberg, Payton McAlister, and Luis Aguilar, converge on a Bluff ball carrier near the line of scrimmage.

The Rockport-Fulton High School (RFHS) Pirate football team could never get going offensively against the Flour Bluff Hornets and lost its first game of the season 24-0 Friday, Sept. 25 at home.

RFHS now holds an overall record of 2-1.

The Pirates could never get going offensively against a talented Bluff defense that held RFHS to under 100 yards rushing. RFHS had rushed for more than 300 yards a game in the first two games of the season.

A slew of offensive penalties and defensive plays made by the hornets kept RFHS from establishing any sort of rhythm on offense.

“Any time we had something good happen, we’d have some kind of penalty or a bad block,” said RFHS Head Football Coach Jay Seibert. “It was just one of those nights we couldn’t get anything rolling.”

In the first quarter, RFHS gave up up a 66-yard touchdown (TD) pass in Bluff’s first possession to put RFHS down 7-0.

Due to a slew of offensive penalties, RFHS was forced to punt in its first series.

Both defenses then traded back-to-back fourth down stops. RFHS could not convert on 4th and 1 against a stingy Bluff defense.

In the second quarter, FB maintained possession after stopping RFHS on 4th and 1 and scored on a short rushing TD with 10:38 remaining to make it 14-0.

RFHS crossed midfield in its next drive but was stymied again on fourth and short.

Bluff then went on a time churning possession and ended the drive with a short rushing TD with 1:17 left in the half.

After a miscommunication between John Chupe and Devan Phillips on the ensuing return, RFHS was pinned deep at their own 8. Unable to get anything going, RFHS ended the half on a penalty down 21-0.

RFHS opened the third quarter with the ball but could only muster one first down before Bluff’s defense forced another punt.

Bluff also had a hard time moving the ball after a number of penalties and stops made by the RFHS secondary forced a punt.

With less than five minutes left in the quarter, RFHS went on its most productive drive of the night after a couple runs by John Chupe set up RFHS at Bluff’s 35. However, the drive ended on the next play after an interception in the redzone abruptly ended RFHS’s chances of getting a score before the end of the quarter.

Bluff held onto possession to end the quarter.

In the fourth quarter, Bluff continued its long, time churning drive to protect its 21-point lead.

The RFHS was eventually able to stop Bluff in the redzone and forced a field goal (FG) try. Bluff converted the 26 yard FG to give them the 24-0 lead with 9:27 remaining.

RF was held to a three-and-out in their next possession and forced to punt at their own 20.

FB then held onto the ball for the remainder of the quarter and ended it on it on a knee to hand RFHS its first loss of the season 24-0.

J. Seibert said the nights’ loss was humbling for his team.

“We would of loved to get in the endzone obviously, but sometimes sports and life can be humbling,” said J. Seibert. “We went from the top of the world seven days ago to getting shut out seven days later.

“And you know, the boys have to realize that kind of stuff happens. Sometimes good things happen, then bad things, and you got to move on to the next one.”

Ace Seibert was 3-10 passing for 29 yards and one interception. He was also 2-7 rushing.

Chupe led RFHS in rushing with 9-48 yards and one catch for 10 yards.

Cade Leal and Kaden Harder also caught one ball each for 11 and eight yards, respectively.

Defensively, Bronnson Hutson and Devan Phillips led RFHS in tackles with seven each.

Payton McAlister and George Marable followed with six tackles each.

McAlister and Phillip Krupa also had one tackle for loss, each.

RFHS will host another higher classification opponent in San Antonio – Southside (5A-D1) this Friday, Oct. 2 at 7:30 p.m.

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