The Rockport-Fulton High School (RFHS) Pirate basketball team was precise from long range Tuesday, Feb. 2 in their matchup with the Ingleside Mustangs, winning 49-34 at home.

RFHS’ district record improves to 4-5 and their overall record 10-12.

RFHS jumped out to a big lead early in the first quarter after hitting four 3-point field goals (FG) between Ace Seibert, Chance Bates, and Phillip Krupa. Matthew Vasquez also added six points on drives in the paint.

Leading 21-8 into the second quarter, Seibert, Bates and Krupa each added another 3-point FG in the quarter. The Pirates’ precision from long range gave RFHS a 20-point lead at the half, leading 34-14.

In the third quarter, RFHS held Ingleside defensively to only six points, while Bates and Krupa each sunk another 3-point FG.

RFHS held onto its big lead the rest of the game, leading to a 49-34 victory.

Seibert led RFHS in scoring with 15 points, including three 3-point FG’s.

Bates and Krupa followed with nine points each. Both players hit three 3-point FG’s.

RFHS played Sinton Friday, Feb. 5. Their next game is 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 9 at home against Calhoun.

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