Seven teams from the Rockport-Fulton Country Club recently participated in the 2021 Flamingo Golf Invitational Saturday, May 15 at the Club at Colony Creek in Victoria.

Results from the event are as follows:

1st flight

1st gross - Liz Moloney and Patricia Walters (68)

2nd gross - Carol Wiese and Lyndie Putnam (69)

3rd gross - Becky Brown and Geraldine Knowlan (79)

1st net - Betty Lamb and Elaine Davis (57)

2nd net - Dena Justice and Gerri Winter (60)

3rd net - Allison Hassinger and Toni Pizalate (64)

Closest to the hole - Betty Lamb

Longest drive - Patricia Walters

2nd flight

1st gross - Bilienda Hulse and Cynthia Bryson (74)

2nd gross - Lori Reese and Marsha Slocoumb (82)

3rd gross - Ludie Litz and Sue Prebula (83)

1st net - Charlotte Sherman and Eunice Hellums (62)

2nd net - Dana Pendelton and Kyle Cass (63)

3rd net - Libby Gonzalez and Squeaky Luce (65)

Closest to the hole - Belinda Hulse

Longest drive - Lori Reese

3rd flight

1st gross - Ann Barley & Laura Wilson (88)

2nd gross - Kelly Railsback and Sally Caufield (89)

3rd gross - Laura Diaz and Tina Owens (92)

1st net - Amanda Koliba and Tanya Borem (66)

2nd net - Elyce Kahn and Linda Bohn (68)

3rd net - Maggie Carver and Shannon McWilliams (72)

Closest to the hole - Amanda Koliba

Longest drive - Tonya Boerm

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