Tournament players

Participants of the Pirate Alumni Baseball tournament took a group picture before the start of game three. Playing in the tournament, in no particular order, were Hunter Guillen, Nicholas Pena, Trey Copeland, Ryker Whitstine, Luke Muirhead, Adam Muirhead, Michael Mayes, Andrew Young, Zac Brown, Reid Wagoner, Trent Upham, Gabriel Pena, Jesse Stiers, Clay Williams, David Constante, Homer Perez, Kalub Schmidt, Coven Rangel, Kenner McBurney, Ryan Ramirez, John Chupe, Ayden Dering, Jonathan Rubio, Zachary Zavala, Andrew Nunez, Rodney Rios, Jesse Rios, Carsen Flores, Landen Fagan, Cass Flores, Josue Fuentes, Victor Pena, Ean McPherson, Cole Chapman, Johnny Zamudio, Joe Moreno, Trey Meismer, and Umpire John Solis.

The Rockport-Fulton High School Pirate baseball team hosted its first annual Pirate Baseball Alumni tournament Saturday, Feb. 8 at the Pirate baseball field.

In contrast to a normal alumni game with all Pirate alumni playing on one team against the current Pirate baseball team, all former and current Pirate baseball players were split up and mixed into four different teams in a double elimination tournament.

A senior Pirate baseball player led each team. The four teams were team Zavala (Zachary), team Williams (Clay), team Muirhead (Adam), and team Flores (Cass).

Each game went three innings.

In the first game at 10 a.m., team Zavala defeated team Williams 8-2.

In game two, team Muirhead defeated team Flores 6-2.

In game three, team Williams defeated team Flores 2-1; eliminating team Flores.

In game four, team Muirhead defeated team Zavala 3-1.

In game five, team Williams defeated team Zavala 5-4; eliminating team Zavala.

And in the championship game, undefeated team Muirhead faced off against team Williams in a winner-take-all game. In the end, team Muirhead shut out team Williams 6-0 to win the first Pirate Baseball Alumni tournament.

The Pirates welcomed back 12 alumni to the tournament.

“We are hoping for a bigger and better alumni tournament next year,” said RFHS Head Baseball Coach Arturo Elizondo

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