In town to fish, promote


Brenneman, a professional guide and popular fly fisherman, will be in Rockport-Fulton March 24-27 fishing the bays and experiencing all our communities have to offer.

Based in Colorado, she is an avid fly angler and guide with a strong passion for all species of fish and the environments in which she finds them. An experienced traveler, she jumps at any opportunity that allows her to travel to new places and fisheries.

Brenneman loves to fly fish on her adventures, but she also loves to share the sport with others. She has managed to build a strong following on Instagram with more than 100,000 followers who enjoy following her epic adventures.

She first discovered her passion for fishing spending childhood summers in Ontario, Canada with her family. Her first memories are of she and her sister fishing endlessly with a little Barbie fishing rod off a long wooden dock at a family cottage. She recalls them filling up an entire bucket with little fish. Once it was full, they would dump it out, and do it all over again. Although she enjoys all forms of fishing, she has a special drive for the art of fly fishing. It has become a huge part of her life that she loves to share with others.

“For me, fly fishing is just one way to see a new place,” said Brenneman. “That place can be right outside my home or across the globe. I love to fish for new species in new places. While I may go there to fly fish, these trips are about more than just the fish. They are about the different people, cultures, animals, foods, and languages I get to experience, all with my fly rod in hand.”

She has never fly fished in the Rockport-Fulton area and she is beyond excited to enjoy this fishery with a local guide. She says while she does not get to do it that often, redfish are one of her favorite species to catch on a fly rod.

Brenneman was invited by the Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce to spend some time in Rockport-Fulton helping spread the word about the amazing angling opportunities available.

“It is our hope she will influence her Instagram and other social media followers to come and visit our area, and also be able to experience all we have to offer,” said Chamber Vice President of Marketing and Promotion Sandy Jumper.

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