Jordan Jaggers with a fat trout caught on his Croaker Soaker.

Chasing after gamefish is a sport, and the creation of lures is an art. The saying that art imitates life is due to the observation that a creative work was inspired by true events; based on a true story. The custom, hand painted lures created by Jordan Jaggers and his marine biologist wife Amber Jaggers do just that. Each of his creations are done in an attempt to attract and “trick” his targeted fish into a strike, and he has been successful in that endeavor with his assortment of lures. From top waters, skitter baits, glides and more, Jordan artistically and realistically crafts lures that have been proven to hook up with fish.

With names like Bone, Tugs and Harmony, Saucy Spec, Bonafide and the Croaker Soaker - each piece of art, I mean lure - takes about an hour to hand paint and another one to two days for an epoxy to dry to protect the lure from hook rash and sharp teeth. His latest creation, the Croaker Soaker, is on a four-inch top water set with size 4 KVD treble hooks Jordan reports as being the “stickiest” hooks he has ever used. This lure offers 4 BB’s in the head and a large knocker in the back that provides head rolls and lots of noise as you work the lure through the water. The custom paint flashes gold to purple offering a visual tease to the noise already vibrating out to aggravate and attract fish. Jordan’s preferred retrieve on this top water is to cast out and start with a fast retrieve, stop, then “chug” the lure in a slow retrieve. Varying the speeds worked tremendously well for him this past weekend.

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