The Rockport-Fulton High School (RFHS) Pirate football team put up a near flawless performance against the Orange Grove (OG) Bulldogs in a 59-8 rout to win the 15-4A Div. II District Championship Friday, Nov. 1 in Orange Grove.

The Pirates’ victory gave OG its first district loss of the season and cemented the district championship because of RFHS victories against each team with a current 3-1 district record, Sinton and OG.

This year’s district championship gives RFHS its second in a row. This is only the second time in the history of the program that the Pirates have gone back-to-back district champions; the only other time was 26 years ago during the 1992-93 seasons.

“More than just the back to back district titles, it’s the work ethic they bring every day, how they show up and get after it,” said RFHS Head Football Coach Jay Seibert. “They’re a fun group to coach. It’s so enjoying to come to work every day and go to practice when you’re around a good group of guys. And these are good guys that are mean and get after it on the field.”

RFHS started off slow against OG, however the slow start was prompted by the OG defense barking out the Pirates snap counts toward the RFHS offensive line and causing confusion. Seibert made note of it toward officials and warned OG. After OG stopped barking out the snap count of Flores, the RFHS offense began to hum.

“They were barking our snap count, so we were jumping, which isn’t right,” said Seibert. “We made them pay for it.”

The first quarter ended 8-7 with OG on top after converting for two on their lone touchdown (TD). Garrett Loudermilk scored on a 40 yard TD run in the first on a cut back lane up the middle.

In the second quarter, however, RFHS exploded for 31 points. The RFHS defense allowed 0 points the rest of the game without forcing a single turnover.

After a good field goal by Axel Espino to make it 10-8, the Pirates scored four more TD’s by four different players before the half.

After Loudermilk found the endzone again to make it 17-8, Joe Franks took off for a 55 yard TD in front of the home sideline, Ryan Wells scored one from six yards out, and Cass Flores connected with Cade Leal for a 16 yard TD pass with a minute left before the half to make it 38-8.

In the second half, RFHS cruised to victory, tacking on three more TD’s to three different players.

In the third quarter, Flores threw his second TD pass to Clay Williams 33 yards down the visitor sideline. Edgar Deleon also ran in another score from four yards out.

In the fourth quarter, the Pirate defense continued to contain OG and RFHS scored once more on a Ty Klender 68 yard TD run to make it 59-8.

When it was all said and done, RFHS had three backs rush for more than 100 yards.

Franks, on six attempts, rushed for 171 yards and one TD.

Loudermilk, on eight attempts, rushed for 114 yards and two TD’s.

And on 10 attempts, Wells rushed for 107 yards and one TD.

Klender, on only one rushing attempt, took it 68 yards for a TD.

Flores was 4-5 throwing for 85 yards and two TD’s to Leal and Williams.

Deleon had one rushing TD and two catches for 36 yards.

On defense, Chris Darnold led RFHS in tackles with 13. Nathan Cason followed with nine tackles.

Bronnson Hutson led RFHS in tackles for loss with three.

Cason and Hutson also had a sack each.

The Pirates will have its last home district game of the year at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 8 against Robstown.

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