Weave down field

Riley Parker weaves through two La Vernia midfielders to maintain possession near midfield.

The Rockport-Fulton High School (RFHS) Lady Pirate soccer team played a clean 79 minutes defensively until one misstep allowed the La Vernia (LV) Lady Bears the opportunity it needed to advance to the area round Thursday, March 24 in Yoakum.

The Lady Pirates end the 2021-22 season with a 10-9-1 overall record.

Through one half, nothing seemed to work for either team offensively as opposing defenses squandered most goal scoring-opportunities.

Keeper Crystal Bueno kept the net clean with two saves while Amrynn Shorter and Sophia Byrom made numerous defensive stops on the back line.

It wasn’t until the second half, in the 56th minute, when a brief defensive lapse by RFHS allowed LV the opportunity it needed to make it a 1-0 game.

RFHS Head Coach Aerian Foret said it was the one LV player they knew they needed to contain.

“We knew she was fast, I told them. One of us dives, one of us doesn’t come in when we’re supposed to, and things happen,” said Foret. “She went low and into the corner. It was a good shot.”

For the next 24 minutes, RFHS struggled to breakthrough a tough LV defense.

Riley Parker, Madison Duval, and KJ Whidden never quite got a clean look at the net. LV’s back line made a consistent effort of collapsing on RFHS’ best goal-scorers.

“They’re a great team. We knew coming in they were going to be fast tempo, they were going to be aggressive,” said Foret.

RFHS will graduate seven starting players following the 2021-22 season. Three of those players have been starters since their freshman year in Bueno, Parker, and Whidden.

Foret said the losses up front will be tough to replace, but if new roles are accepted, the team will be in a good spot.

“I think a lot of us will need to accept new roles and be OK with that,” said Foret. “If they do that very well, then we should be good for next year.”

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