The 28-4A Co-District Champion Rockport-Fulton High School (RFHS) Lady Pirate soccer team had all 17 players receive All-District honors at the conclusion of the 2020-21 season.

Junior striker KJ Whidden was named District 28-4A Offensive Most Valuable Player for a second year in a row.

Senior center back Danielle Dawkins was named District 28-4A Defensive Most Valuable Player for a second year in a row.

Junior Crystal Bueno was named the District 28-4A Goalkeeper Most Valuable Player.

Sophomore striker Kiley Kopp was named the District 28-4A Newcomer of the Year.

Rachel Baergan, Brianna Contreras, Naveya Davila, Riley Parker, Caitlin Ramaker, and Lilith Solis received First Team All-District recognitions.

Madison Duval, Kaylee Skinner, and Ashley Wells received Second Team All-District recognitions.

Suzanna Dawkins, Jordan Garza, and Jessica Schibi received Honorable Mention nods.

Players receiving Academic All-District honors are C. Bueno, D. Dawkins R. Baergan, B. Contreras, C. Ramaker, N. Davila, R. Parker, K. Whidden, K. Skinner, K. Kopp, J. Schibi, S. Dawkins, J. Garza, M. Duval, and Sophia Byrom.

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