The 14th annual Babes on the Bay fishing Tournament lived up to its name as the largest all-female fishing contest in the world last weekend in Rockport. “We had 1,478 ladies on 420 teams,” said tournament director Karol Scardino. “We paid out more than $50,000 in cash pots this year.”

Winners are listed by category and pounds as follows:

Non-guided any bait: Fishin’ & Bitchin’, first, 14.66; Haynie Ho’s, second 14.10; Lures & Lace, third, 13.84; Tres Bitches, fourth, 13.7; and Beer Bait & Ammo, fifth 13.7.

Guided any bait: Saltwater Cowgirls, first, 18.18; Ram Rods, second, 17.72; Hookem Hard, third, 17.6; Croaker Soakers, fourth, 17.44; and Shiner Blondes, fifth, 16.86.

Guided artificial: Redden’s A-Lur-ng Ladies, first, 11.02; Reel Fin Addicts, second, 8.68; Mojo, third, 8.42; Watkins’ Water Guppies, fourth, 8.3; and Tackle Town, fifth, 6.67.

Non-guided artificial: Bustin Tails, first, 16.72; El Pescador Boats, second, 15.34; Texas Tails, third, 13.64; Chicas Con Plasticas, fourth, 12.76; and Completely Artificial, fifth, 9.26.

Babe-ettes non-guided division: Hadley, first, 4.58; and Hannah, second, 4.4.

Babe-ettes guided division: Reds with Envy, first, 7.44; and Reel Sassy, second, 5.78.

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