RFHS Powerlifting team

The RFHS powerlifting team celebrated after hosting a successful home meet Friday, Jan. 29. RFHS will host another meet this weekend.

The Rockport-Fulton High School (RFHS) Pirate and Lady Pirate powerlifting teams participated in the Pirate Invitational meet Friday, Jan. 29 at home.

In the dual meet with Gregory-Portland, the Pirates placed first as a team. The Lady Pirates placed second.

Individual results for the Pirates are as follows:

At 114 lbs, Austin Bryant placed second, lifting 600 lbs. Carson Bhakta placed third, lifting 480 lbs.

At 123 lbs, David Chittarath placed first, lifting 850 lbs.

At 132 lbs, Jordan Gibson placed first, lifting 730 lbs.

At 148 lbs, John Chupe placed first, lifting 1,030 lbs.

At 165 lbs, Cristian Kane placed first, lifting 1,010 lbs. Zander Wilson placed fourth, lifting 810 lbs.

At 181 lbs, Kaleb Schmidt placed third, lifting 865 lbs.

At 198 lbs, Joey Cantu placed first, lifting 1,225 lbs. Ean McPherson placed second, lifting 1,200 lbs. Kaleb White placed third, lifting 565 lbs.

At 220 lbs, Payton McAlister placed first, lifting 1,085 lbs. Zack Gisler placed fourth, lifting 660 lbs.

At 275 lbs, Jonas Olivarez placed second, lifting 1,185 lbs.

At 308 lbs, Daniel Crespin placed first, lifting 755 lbs.

Individual results for the Lady Pirates are as follows:

At 105 lbs, Justice George placed second, lifting 350 lbs.

At 114 lbs, Gabby Rodriguez placed second, lifting 430 lbs.

At 123 lbs, Faith Ngo placed first, lifting 515 lbs. Audrey Chupe placed second, lifting 460 lbs.

At 132 lbs, Juliana Villarreal placed third, lifting 510 lbs. Emma Groseclose placed fourth, lifting 495 lbs.

At 148 lbs, Valeria Ramirez placed first, lifting 820 lbs. Stehle Snyder placed second, lifting 550 lbs.

At 198 lbs, Kate Hill placed first, lifting 685 lbs. Ciera Barrera placed second, lifting 555 lbs. Mikayla Esparza placed third, lifting 530 lbs.

At 220 lbs, Cheyenne Martinez placed first, lifting 805 lbs.

The powerlifting teams’ next meet will be a home trio-meet Saturday, Feb. 6.

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