The Rockport-Fulton Shopping Tournament returned this year under the coordination of the Aransas County Women’s Lions Club.

This year’s event, held Saturday, Oct. 2, featured nine teams with unique names, including Cookie Pushers, Hocus Pocus, Dia de Los Muertos, Triple L’s - Livin and Lovin Life, Bandana Nanas, Executive Shoppers, Smart Shoppers, Smarter Shoppers, and the Corpus Christi Women’s Lions Club.

At the end of the day awards were presented for Team Spirit and Store Spirit, as well as for most dollars spent (team and individual), most points, Iron Man (for the guys who got “dragged along”), youngest shopper, and the shopper who traveled the farthest to participate. An award was even presented for the greatest number of Facebook posts while shopping.

The Cookie Pushers placed first in the Team Spirit Award. Bandana Nanas and Dia de Los Muertos placed second and third, respectively.

The Coastal Mercantile placed first in the Store Spirit Award. Mermaid Ranch Coastal Décor and The Dockside Trading Company placed second and third, respectively.

“Everyone had a great time and the enthusiasm was high that the tournament is alive and well again,” said Tournament Co-chair Leslie Klein. “Everyone wins in this endeavor - merchants, shoppers and our community through the Women’s Lions Club.”

The Aransas County Women’s Lions Club will use funds raised for community service projects in Aransas County. The club supports fighting childhood cancer, diabetes, hunger, vision and the environment.

Next year’s Rockport-Fulton Shopping Tournament is set for Oct. 1.

For information about the tournament email Klein at

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