The 4-H Clubs of Aransas County cordially invite everyone to the 2022 San Patricio and Aransas County Agriculture and Homemaking Show. Check out the show and see the youth show off their projects. The event is held at the San Patricio County Fairgrounds and Event Center, 219 W. 5th Street, in Sinton.

A schedule of events for the show is as follows:

Saturday, Jan. 22

(Special Location: Hamilton Ranch Headquarters on Highway 89 in Sinton)

8 a.m.: Pen of Two Heifer, Interviews

12 p.m.: Pen of Two Heifer, Awards

1 p.m.: Pen of Two Heifer, Auction

Tuesday, Jan. 25

8 a.m. - 12 p.m.: Special Show

12 p.m.: Judging of Poultry

Following Poultry Show Judging of Rabbits

Wednesday, Jan. 26

8 a.m. Judging of Market Hogs

Division I - Duroc

Division II - Hampshire

Division III - Crosses

Division IV - Yorkshire

Division V - Other Purebred Breeds

Selection of Grand and Reserve Champions

Thursday, Jan. 27

10 a.m.: Judging Meat Goats

Selection of Grand Champion and Reserve Champion

5 p.m.: Judging of Market Lambs

Division I - Predominately Southdown or Shropshire

Division II - Fine Wool

Division III - Fine Wool Cross

Division IV - Medium Wool

Selection of Grand Champion and Reserve Champion

Friday, Jan. 28

8 a.m.: Judging of Ag Mech Projects

9 a.m. - 6 p.m.: Homemaking Building open to Public

9 a.m.: Judging of Breeding Beef

Following Breeding Beef Judging of Market Steers

Division I – American

Division II - British

Division III - Exotic

Selection of Grand Champion and Reserve Champion

1 p.m.: “All Around” Senior Showmanship Contest

3 p.m.: Ag Mech Awards

Saturday, Jan. 29

9 a.m. - 3 p.m.: Homemaking Building open to Public

1 p.m.: Auction Sale

If one knows someone whom is interested in 4-H and would like to learn more about our program, please contact the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Aransas County Office at 790-0103.

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