Fergis, your loyal correspondent here with ‘One dog’s view”.

While I was hangin’ around Uncle Mike’s office the other day (everybody else calls him boss), I was asked, “Fergis, Another Chance RFT volunteers sponsored a free Microchip clinic a few days ago, how did it go?”

Great, I said. With help of one of our great vets, it went well and a good many dogs got that extra safeguard against being lost. Another “chip clinic” is planned soon and the date and time will be posted here, on Facebook and our website.

Last Saturday while they were waiting to get chipped, I visited with several of the dogs in line. They had heard any dog taken into animal control custody has only a three-day holding period before becoming eligible for the big “put down”. They wanted to know if it was true.

Yep, I said. That’s the bad news, the old “permanent solution to a temporary problem deal”. And no, Jimmy Buffet isn’t singing in the background when it happens.

You can bet I had their full attention when I told them three years ago Aransas County had more than a 90 percent death rate for dogs taken into custody. It was a scary time to be a dog on your own. I could see, even with a brand-new ID chip, they were still worried. So, I said the good news is with the support of Aransas County Judge C.H. “Burt” Mills and county commissioners, and the cooperation of the animal control officers and staff, Another Chance RFT volunteers have reduced that awful euthanasia rate from more than 90 percent to under 10 percent since June 2016.

That’s right! You hardly ever see the “dead dog walking” story anymore. Instead volunteers work every day to provide exercise, transport, foster care and medical support to the dogs in custody and will soon see more than 1,100 dogs adopted, rescued or rehomed that would otherwise have crossed over rainbow bridge.

Pretty cool, huh?

There are many good dogs ready for new homes at Aransas County Animal Control today. Here are a few of their stories.

Albert is a small 25- to 30-pound Aussie/shepherd mix; affectionate, likes people, walks well on a leash and is good in the car. Albert came in as a stray though it’s clear he had a home somewhere, sometime. Sadly, no one has ever come looking for Albert; he could be a great little companion.

Sleepy is a senior dog, a seven/eight-year-old boy, about 55 pounds. Sleepy came in a hungry stray. Abandoned, he seemed a little confused when he was first taken in to custody. Sleepy needs some TLC. He clearly had a home once and now wants to be somebody’s dog again and have a place to live out his golden years.

Then there is Belle. Belle is a mid-sized pittie mix between five and seven years old. She gets along well with other dogs, is very affectionate and likes to ride in the car. Nothing more is known about Belle. She also came in as a stray. No chip, no collar, no tags. It’s clear from her condition, she’s had lots of puppies and like so many other dogs in Aransas County she possibly was used as a breed dog and then abandoned. If you need a dog that needs a friend, Belle’s your girl.

These guys are all available for adoption, as well as for foster care. Anyone of them can come and stay in your home for a while to gain a little time in our search for a permanent place to be. If you would like more information about fostering go to our website or contact us at anotherchancerft@gmail.com.

Upcoming events include; “Meet ‘n Greet” where you can meet some of our good dogs Saturday, Nov. 16 at Ace Hardware. Catch our act at Tropical Christmas, Dec. 7 and plan your “Pet pictures with Santa” at Ace Dec. 14. Get more information about the next microchip clinic by following us on Facebook or our website www.anotherchancerft.org

That’s it for today. Adios, Fergis

Fergis, our Chiweeni correspondent, is an Another Chance RFT rescue just livin’ the dream in Rockport. Another Chance RFT is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to dog rescue in Aransas County, operating at no cost to county taxpayers. All donations, volunteers and potential adopters are welcome. For more information check our Facebook page or website www.anotherchancerft.org. Our mailing address is P.O. BOX 2314, Rockport, TX 78381.

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