Students at Fulton Learning Center (FLC) recycled more than 21,000 pounds of metals throughout the school year in their aluminum can and scrap metal recycling contest.

Each time a student recycles metals, they get to babysit a lab animal over the weekend with parental permission. The top metal recyclers get treated to a reward field trip at the end of the year to the Natural Bridge Caverns, Sea World, or Fiesta Texas. Funds generated from the program pay for all reward field trip costs. Plus, funds generated from recycling support the many garden and animal programs the science department sponsors, including a flock of chickens with turkeys, ducks, and rabbits. This year, the school was able to purchase new bird feeders, birdbaths, and wildflower seeds to enhance the gardens damaged by the February freeze.

The top five metal recyclers in each grade level are as follows:

Third grade

1st place – Kennedi Johnson (575 lbs)

2nd place – Jeremiah Pollard (525.5 lbs)

3rd place (tie) – Carissa Carbajal and Camryn Carbajal (299.5 lbs)

5th place – Cameron Adams (264 lbs)

Fourth grade

1st place – Blaine Chapman (1,015.5 lbs)

2nd place – Kayleigh McCall (625 lbs)

3rd place - Everett Gambill (582.5 lbs)

4th place – Kasen Knight (303 lbs)

5th place – MacKenzie Montemayor (141 lbs)

Fifth grade

1st place (steel only) – Logann Wood (13,190 lbs)

1st place – Kinslee Burton (300 lbs, 2nd place in steel only)

2nd place - Nate Moreno (203 lbs)

3rd place – Conner Hale (186 lbs)

4th place – Brayden Patteson (172 lbs)

5th place – Faith Bandy (168 lbs)

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