Fulton Learning Center’s Donna Garcia and Edi Bishop were recently recognized nationally as Achieve3000 PRO Educators.

The recognition is reserved for the most professional, resourceful, and outstanding educators whom are successfully helping their students accelerate their literacy growth.

High-performing educators are invited to apply to be recognized. After Garcia and Bishop completed their applications, their responses were reviewed and accepted by Achieve3000’s PRO Educator Advisory Committee.

When an educator is deemed not ready to be recognized a PRO, they have access to additional training and support from Achieve3000’s team of literacy coaches. Achieve3000 PRO’s receive several benefits, including membership in the PRO Educator Network, access to free student prizes, special webinars and thought leadership sessions, and $300 travel vouchers for the National Literacy Summit that is scheduled to take place at Disney’s Coronado Resort in November of this year.

Ms. Garcia and Ms. Bishop have been using Achieve3000’s solutions in their classrooms for two years with students in 3rd-5th grades. Overall, students at Fulton Learning Center met or exceeded their expected literacy growth. By the end of the 2017-18 school year, there were more students at Fulton Learning Center whose reading levels were on track for college and career readiness than at the start of the year.

“With the majority of 4th and 8th grade students across the U.S. falling below proficient levels in reading on the NAEP assessment, we at Achieve3000 believe that these teachers deserve to be celebrated as national models of high-quality, highly-effective literacy instruction. Congratulations to Fulton Learning Center and Aransas County Public Schools for supporting and nurturing these professional, resourceful, and outstanding educators. We are proud to call you our partners,” said Achieve3000 CEO Stuart Udell.

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