This is how it's done

Students watch as members of the FVFD use the jaws-of-life to gain access into different parts of the wrecked vehicle.

The Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce’ Youth Leadership of Aransas County program spent the all of Monday, Jan. 20 with emergency personnel and other local first responders fulfilling one of their required courses in the program.

The group of students from Rockport-Fulton Middle School began the day with a tour of the Public Safety Center (PSC). Students were allowed to view the detention center, interview first responders, and check out the communications center.

After the tour of the PSC, students were bussed to Memorial Park for a lecture and tour of a HALO-Flight helicopter that landed in the senior Rockport-Fulton Little League field.

Students then participated and viewed a mock car accident. The Rockport Police Department (RPD), Rockport Volunteer Fire Department (RVFD), Fulton Volunteer Fire Department (FVFD), and Allegiance Mobile Health (AMH) showed the students a real life scenario of what would happen in the event of a dangerous car accident. RPD assessed the situation and interviewed the accident “victims” and witnesses to the accident. They then paged for the RVFD, FVFD, and AMH to help with the accident. Both fire departments displayed many of the tools and techniques they use in the event of a deadly car accident. AMH treated the accident “victims” and transported them to Code 3 ER and Urgent Care.

The rest of the group crossed the street from Memorial Park to Code 3 ER and toured the facility.

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