100 years young!

Arlyne Fleming, left, was thrilled to receive a signed proclamation by Texas Governor Greg Abbott commemorating the rare lifetime achievement of turning 100 years old. Her son, Robert Fleming Sr., takes care of A. Fleming at her home.

Arlyne Fleming celebrated her 100th birthday Wednesday, June 17 amongst four generations of family, and friends, at her home on Shadyside Drive in Rockport. She was also greeted by a small drive-by parade to help celebrate the momentous occasion.

Fleming has enjoyed a long and lasting life, full of energy and love for her family and friends.

Though numerous medical ailments have slowed her down a bit more as of late, Fleming still had the energy to dance and enjoy a Hawaiian hula party to celebrate on her special day.

She was born on June 17, 1920 in Lakeside, NB.

From Lakeside, her family traveled by wagon train to Pasadena, CA, where she grew up and went to high school.

After high school, she traveled to San Antonio, TX and met her husband, Archie Fleming Sr. They married in September 1938. Soon after their marriage, Archie joined the Air Force and fought in World War II.

Arlyne spent three years in Japan while Archie flew airships in the Berlin Airlift.

After WWII, Archie continued to serve in the military and was stationed all across the United States. Arlyne has lived in and visited 35 states across America. In total, Archie served in the military for 32 years.

After Archie passed away in the late 1960’s, Arlyne moved back to San Antonio and made it her permanent residence. She did not remarry.

She worked as a part time teacher and a branch manager at Farm and Home Savings bank until the time she retired in the early 1980’s.

She eventually moved to Rockport in 2010.

At her birthday party, Arlyne said she never would have thought she’d lived to see 100 years old.

“Oh no, scared me to death when they told me I was getting close to being 100 years old,” said Arlyne.

She’s lived through numerous medical ailments, including surviving four different types of cancer.

Nonetheless, she’s always remained active and mobile. Up until her 70’s, she continued to ride bicycles with her grandchildren.

Today, Arlyne does not give her age any thought. She routinely makes trips to the Wells Fargo bank, Wal-Mart, and orders fast food from Whataburger and Dairy Queen. She also makes regular trips to the salon to have her nails and hair done.

Her son, Robert Fleming Sr., lives with Arlyne and takes care of her at home. Robert said she has her days when she takes it easy, but other days when he has to slow her down from doing a little bit too much.

When asked what her secret is to living to 100 years old, she said there’s no secret, but added she never consumed alcohol or smoked tobacco. She also said she’s had good medical care throughout her life due to her husband’s military career.

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