Students at Fulton Learning Center (FLC) recently wrapped up their school-year-long aluminum can and scrap metal recycling contest.

It is a fun and rewarding contest for the students.

Each time a student recycles metals, they get to babysit a lab animal over the weekend with parental permission.

The top metal recyclers get rewarded with a field trip at the end of the year to either the Natural Bridge Caverns or Sea World. Funds generated from this program pay for all reward trip costs.

Plus, funds generated from recycling support the many garden and animal programs that the science department sponsors. This year, the school used the funds to purchase vegetable seeds and protective netting for the chicken pens to stop predation from hawks and foxes.

The top overall FLC recycler of steel and tin was Jaci Wendland with 28,460 lbs.

The second overall FLC recycler of steel and tin was Aubrea McDaniel with 2,380 lbs.

The top recyclers of aluminum, copper, and brass in third grade are as follows:

First place – Logann Wood, 1,755 lbs.

Second – Kallie Whidden, 1,470 lbs.

Third – Aubree Morales, 617 lbs.

Fourth – Presley Adams, 598.5 lbs.

Fifth – Kanoa Davis, 433.5 lbs.

The top recyclers of aluminum, copper, and brass in fourth grade are as follows:

First – Lauren Holden, 833 lbs.

Second – Kinsley Knight, 477 lbs.

Third – Merritt Gambill, 473.5 lbs.

Fourth – Brylie Armstrong, 435.5 lbs.

Fifth – Aubrey Krueger

The top recyclers of aluminum, copper, and brass in fifth grade are as follows:

First – Noble Chapman, 1,582 lbs.

Second – Zane Rios, 292.5 lbs.

Third – Cash Phillips, 247 lbs.

Fourth – Kara Hill, 193 lbs.

Fifth – Gracie Serur, 101.5 lbs.

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