McLead networks at technology forum

Mason McLead

Rockport-Fulton High School student Mason McLead recently enrolled in the prestigious National Youth Leadership Forum on Technology (NYLF/TECH). He will join 1500 high school students from around the country for the Forum in San Jose, CA from July 27 to Aug. 5.

Throughout the 10 day exploration, McLead will engage in both group and independent projects, including workshops led by industry insiders, product demonstrations, campus visits and tech-industry encounters, which will include animated debate and discussion.

"In their young years, many bright individuals like Mason have already become a dynamic part of the industry- writing software, building systems networks, web hosting and developing the next generation of cutting-edge technology," said Donna Snyder, Executive Director of NYLF. "The NYLF provides a virtual summit whereby tomorrow's innovators build upon and add to their skills while also receiving inspiration and direction from current industry leaders."

Dr. Craig Barrett, CEO of Intel Corp. and Dr. Vance D. Coffman, Chairman & CEO of Lockheed-Martin Corp. are slated to be among the guest speakers.

Participants will visit a number of Silicon Valley's technology companies, including Cisco Systems, Inc., Hewlett Packard Labs, Oracle Corp., Silicon Graphics, Inc., The Tech Museum of Innovation and others. In addition, San Jose State University, Santa Clara University, Stanford University, University of California Berkeley and University of California Santa Cruz will provide an educational background.

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