The Rockport-Fulton High School (RFHS) Audio/Video (A/V) production students assembled a film about their experience with the COVID-19 pandemic and entered it in the annual contest of Texas Association of School Boards (TASB).

The guidelines of the contest were to create a short one-minute video showcasing resilience within Texas public schools. Students were to tell a story of how our school overcame a barrier or obstacle, and show how the school community rallied together in hard times.

People’s Choice voting happens this week through Friday, March 5. The high school category will have one winner based on the number of view counts their video receive this week.

Entry rules for this year limited the entry to one minute. RFHS teacher Rose Rau assigned a similar lesson in late fall to her A/V students on how COVID-19 affected them. With the blended learning of face-to-face and virtual, it was convenient to put the audio from the assignment into newly shot footage.

“Without the prior experience the A/V students had with Mrs. Seibert in eighth grade, we could not have put together such a clean looking video in such a short time,” said Rau.

All A/V students had a part in making the video, from planning, to suggestions of format, artwork for animations, and final production.

TASB has begun the formal judging process and will be in touch with first and second place winners in late March before formally announcing it to all participants. All entries are posted on the Internet and displayed statewide by the Texas Association of School Boards.

A direct link to RFHS’ video can be found at this address:

Click the “heart” tile in the top corner of the video to count as a view for the People’s Choice award.

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