Hi there! I’m Fergis, Another Chance RFT canine correspondent from Aransas County Animal Control. Every couple of weeks I’ll report about what’s up with some of the dogs in county custody. Another Chance RFT is a group of volunteers who assist Animal Control to save dogs from euthanasia. Fact is, I’m one of those dogs. I’m a fierce “Chiweenie”, a Chihuahua/dachshund, 20-pound bad boy! I was surrendered (think dumped) to animal control by people who just didn’t want me anymore. I was down to the last hour of my very last day, scheduled to die at 4 p.m. About 3:30 p.m., an Another Chance volunteer said, “I’ll take him. I don’t know what I’ll do with him, but I’ll take him.”

All I can say is “Thanks guys”. The hard truth is, most all dogs in Animal Control custody can face euthanasia after only three working business days, if nobody intervenes.

That was three years ago and much has changed. I’m among the first of more than 1,000 dogs moved off death row and re-homed with new owners and families in an effort to qualify Aransas County Animal Control as an acknowledged “No Kill” shelter. This is close to becoming a reality.

Recently, an Animal Control officer reported for over a year no dog has been put down for lack of space. The only dogs euthanized have been seriously sick or injured, or present a very serious danger to the community. Now, that’s pretty cool!

The folks I work with, Another Chance RFT, have provided vet care, socialization and exercise, foster homes, transport and relocation services to every dog deemed eligible by Animal Control … at no cost to Aransas County taxpayers.

These efforts supported by local donors and dedicated volunteers have re-homed dogs throughout Texas, nine states, Canada, and with service dog training organizations.

This is the backstory for “One Dog’s View”, a biweekly look at some of the adoptable dogs in Animal Control’s care and a chance for them to tell their stories. Today’s story is an example of how we work to have happy endings!

It is about a hound mix named Tripod who recounts, “Running loose along the bypass, I was having a great time till a pickup hit me and kept going. I couldn’t walk, so I dragged myself onto the shoulder and waited to die. Suddenly, lights flashed, I figured, ‘This is it, Rainbow Bridge here I come.’

“Wrong. Actually the lights were flashers on the Animal Control officer’s truck dispatched when another driver saw what happened and called it in. That officer saved my life. She brought me in to Animal Control where the staff evaluated me and called Another Chance RFT.

“They arranged transport to the vet’s office where they stabilized me, took care of me until the day I lost a mangled leg and got a brand new name. I recovered in foster care and a few weeks later I went to a family where nobody minds that I walk funny!”

Things turned out pretty well for Tripod. There are 34 more good dogs in custody today with stories to tell and desperately in need of a home.

Next time we’ll feature three eligible dogs for adoption and some information about what may be the number one cause of dog deaths in Aransas County and what you can do about it. Till then, if you think a format where dogs tell their stories in their own words is weird, just remember, you just read a newspaper feature written by a “Chiweenie”!



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