The History Center for Aransas County (HCAC) and Piecemakers-by-the-Bay are presenting a series of programs to accompany the exhibit “Quilting during a Pandemic”. They are accessible via the Internet, as well, so more people can enjoy them.

All programs will be recorded and available the following week at

Quilting Memories (Feb. 14)

Juleanna Fuller is featured at this program.

“My earliest memories of creation involve sitting at a sewing machine surrounded by my grandmother and aunts,” said Fuller. “They taught me the art of meticulous measurement, intentional color choices, and precise stitching of fabric to create masterpieces.

“For me, this craft held many meaningful memories. Quilting became the lens for sharing these treasured memories with others.”

Fuller’s creations were presented as a thesis for her degree in Fine Arts.

Quilt Turning (Feb. 28)

Dora McKelvey is featured at this program.

Quilt turning is a unique way of telling the stories and history of quilt.  Mckelvey will visit each of the 20 quilts on display to talk about the pattern and stiches, and the person who made it.

All quilts that Piecemakers-by-the-Bay brought to the HCAC will be available for viewing.

Cathedral Windows (March 14)

Sharon Wasteney is featured at this program. This traditional pattern (Cathedral Windows) will be examined to show how it was created and quilted in the past, and how it has been adapted to recent sewing techniques.

Quilt raffle

A lovely floral quilt by Wasteney will be raffled. The lucky ticket will be drawn at 4 p.m. March 28.

Tickets (one for $1, or six for $5) are available at the HCAC or online at

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