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RFHS science teacher Tisha Mann, left, was surprised with a lifetime pass to Sea Life San Antonio and Grapevine in front of her peers for being selected as one of Sea Life’s 2020 Texas Science Teachers of the Year.

Sea Life San Antonio, along with staff at Rockport-Fulton High School (RFHS), surprised RFHS science teacher Tisha Mann with the announcement of being named one of Sea Life Aquarium’s Texas Science Teachers of the Year Monday, Feb. 17.

“We’re honored to recognize Tisha not only for her dedication to her students, but for her tireless work educating and inspiring students with a love for the magnificent ecosystems that surround us. Congratulations to Tisha Mann for winning this award. We look forward to hosting her and the other four winners from across the state at Sea Life San Antonio,” said General Manager of Sea Life San Antonio Jeremy Aguillen.

Under the guise of an administrative meeting, Mann was greeted by her colleagues and Sharky, the Sea Life mascot, with fanfare to celebrate the honor.

The Sea Life Texas Science Teacher of the Year award was created to celebrate the upcoming grand opening of Sea Life San Antonio in Spring 2020. With this award, Sea Life will recognize and award five teachers who are passionate about educating their students about the world and its ecosystem. The statewide search garnered hundreds of nominations from across Texas, and Mann was the only teacher selected from the Coastal Bend area. Colleagues and parents nominated her.

Mann will receive a free lifetime pass to both Sea Life San Antonio and Sea Life Grapevine. She will also receive a special “behind the scenes” tour of Sea Life San Antonio before its grand opening.

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