Bird count

ACISD birding team sponsor Martha McLeod, from left, joined Josie Westlake, Elsie Hale, and Lauren Holden at the Rockport Beach Park during the National Audubon Society’s CBC Monday, Dec. 28.

Three students from the Aransas County Independent School District (ACISD) participated in the annual Christmas Bird Count (CBC), sponsored by the National Audubon Society Monday, Dec. 28.

Each CBC group is assigned a “territory” to count species of birds yearly. The ACISD birding team groups have been assigned the Rockport Beach Park and Fulton Beach Road territory for the last 13 years. Aransas Bird & Nature Club President Debra Corpora normally invites ACISD students to participate in the gathering of scientific data.

The students took full advantage of a sunny, clear day and the new structures at Rockport Beach Park, making for a great day of bird watching.

The information submitted by the ACISD team will be submitted to a national database for comparison of numbers collected in past years.

Students participating included Fulton Learning Center 3rd grader Josie Westlake, and Rockport-Fulton Middle School 6th grade birding team members Elsie Hale and Lauren Holden. They were also accompanied by school sponsor Martha McLeod. Aransas Bird & Nature Club mentors Bron Rorex Carrier and Robert Carrier led the territory CBC with documentation of the species and the submittal of data.

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