The Rockport-Fulton Middle School (RFMS) counseling department was recently recognized by the Texas School Counseling Associations (TSCA) 2019-20 CREST Award for Counseling Excellence.

It is RFMS’ third year in a row to receive the award.

In 2005, the TSCA began a program called CREST to recognize schools with outstanding counseling programs. Schools receiving CREST awards have demonstrated a commitment to using the Texas Model to improve the lives and achievement of students in academic, career, and personal social domains.

RFMS is one of 76 schools across Texas to be recognized and is the only school recognized in the South Texas area.

CREST is a continuous improvement document that gives a school-counseling program an opportunity to demonstrate effective communication and a commitment to obtaining results. CREST helps counselors to evaluate their counseling programs, promote their programs to the stakeholders in their districts, demonstrate the effectiveness of their guidance and counseling programs through empirical means, and to implement the Texas and National models for school counseling programs.

CREST looks at the counseling program in five categories:

• Introduction to the School and the Role of the Professional School Counselor

• Program Implementation Cycle

• Foundational Components

• Four Service Delivery Components

• Program Curriculum

The counseling team prepares a digital submission that highlights these areas and communicates what the counseling program is doing to help students succeed. They are sent to reviewers throughout the state of Texas to be judged according to pre-set standards of excellence.

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