Fergis here. Couple of weeks ago I introduced myself and began reporting about the adoptable dogs in the custody of Aransas County.

As an Another Chance RFT volunteer, I’m doing what I can to make Aransas County Animal Control a designated “No kill shelter”. This is news from a unique perspective. I’m a 20-pound “chiweenie” who remembers where he came from and wants to help.

People often ask me, “Fergis, what do Another Chance RFT volunteers do?” And I tell ‘em, “Our volunteers come in all ages, shapes, and sizes, and bring more help than you can imagine!”

Here’s the deal. For a small rural county our animal control officers see way too many stray, injured, abandoned and unwanted dogs. There are more breeds than you’d believe: heelers, shepherds, labs, Great Pyrenees, pit mixes, boxers and every kind of ankle biter like me.

They all have one thing in common. Every dog brought in is afraid. They present in lots of ways - hurt, hungry or angry. Some are just lost. Often people they know brought ‘em in, heard in three days they could be put down, and drove off and left ‘em anyway.

You can’t “sugar coat” this. It can be a scary environment to a newbie. With 4x8 concrete pens and the constant barking, I remember. I was there. Not cool.

The officers and staff who handle and feed us and clean the pens are kind and professional, but everyone is busy and there’s not much time for personal attention. This is where volunteers come in. We take sick and injured dogs to the vet. We provided construction of two outside exercise pens so dogs can get out for socialization and walks. Some volunteers foster special needs dogs in their homes and offer help with recovery and behavioral issues. Some drive to Austin, Houston and San Antonio to connect with K9 transport services that go all over the country or meet “Pilots ‘n Paws” who fly to some of the more distant rescue locations. Others bring dogs to “Meet ‘n’ greet” opportunities around town and other special events.

There is one lady who, for health reasons, doesn’t exercise or transport or do vet runs. She brings a folding chair, sits outside the pens of some of the most frightened dogs and just talks to them. She calms them and loves them till they are ready to venture out. Obviously, we call her our “Dog Whisperer”. Point is there is a place for everyone who wants to help. As a very wise dog once said, “There’s no limit to the good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.”

While I’ve got you here, I want you to know of a girl named Twinkie who just became eligible for adoption. Here she is with a bit of her story:

“Hi there, I’m a 30-pound, year and half old brindle shepherd mix. Animal Control picked me up late on a Friday, when I was lost on a ranch near town. They brought me in, looked me over and found me underweight, kinda stinky and suffering with a mangled ear. Mighta been a coyote, but that’s a story for another day.

“Saturday morning a couple of Another Chance guys showed up. They cleaned me up, treated my bite and made a vet appointment. They checked on me through the weekend and took me to the doc early Monday morning.

“I am way better now, though I must admit that anyone who meets me for the first time is bound to ask, ‘Whatever in the world coulda happened to that dog’s ear?’ In spite of the rough patch I’ve been through, I am sweet spirited and loving, heartworm negative, had all my shots and get along with other dogs. Why don’t you come by and let’s just talk? For more information about me contact anotherchancerft@gmail.com or call Animal Control at 361-790-0151.”

Thanks, Twinkie. That’s pretty much it for today. Look for “One dog’s view” again in a couple of weeks.

Adios, Fergis.”


Fergis, our Chiweeni correspondent, is an Another Chance RFT rescue just livin’ the dream in Rockport, Texas.

Another Chance RFT is a 501c3 non profit dedicated to dog rescue in Aransas County, operating at no cost to county taxpayers. All donations, volunteers and potential adopters are welcome. For more information check our Facebook page or www.anotherchancerft.org.

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