The new Aransas County Women’s Lions Club (ACWLC) has come up with a unique idea to help parents who have suddenly found themselves having to homeschool their children. It is spearheading a Homeschool Art Project, with 50 winners in each of four categories winning a prize.


• Age Groups are as follows:

- Grades Pre-K – K

- Grades 1 -2

- Grades 3 – 4

- Grades 5 – 6

• Entries should be completed and returned by email to: All entries must include child’s name, grade in school, parent or guardian’s name, and contact number. Incomplete emails will not be eligible for prize selection. A photograph of the student’s picture should be attached to the email.

• All entries must have the child’s picture drawn on 8-½” x 11” paper.

• The deadline for submission is April 14, 2020.

• ACWLC reserves the right to publicly post any entry. All entries become the property of the ACWLC and will not be returned.

• There will be 50 small one topping pizzas awarded in each category by Domino’s Pizza and the ACWLC. All pictures will be judged by a panel of three people.

• Winners will be contacted via email by April 17, 2020. Instructions for prize pickup will be detailed at that time. Prizes must be picked up by the winner’s parent on April 19, 2020. When picking up the prize, the parent must bring the artist along with the original picture to be retained by ACWLC.

• This is a homeschooling project. The theme of your child’s picture must be “What do you like about having to stay at home”.

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