The Aransas County Historical Society (ACHS) has announced the winners of its inaugural “I Remember Guy Clark” Essay Contest, held to celebrate Guy Clark Day in Rockport.

Andrew Pulliam of Chicago submitted the winning essay with a poignant remembrance of Guy Clark (1941-2016), the late songwriter and musician who grew up in Rockport.

Contestants were asked to submit a 150-word essay about their memories of Guy Clark and his influence. A number of entries were received from throughout the nation.

Brad Brown of Huntsville, AL placed second. Karen Brown, also of Huntsville, placed third.

The contest grew out of ACHS’s sold-out production a year ago of a Guy Clark Tribute Concert, featuring Verlon Thompson and Shawn Camp.  At the time, Aransas County governmental entities proclaimed Aug. 1 to be Guy Clark Day.

The following is the full text of the Pulliam’s winning essay:

“Remembrance, the lasting kind at least, is like those desperados waiting on a train that Guy sang about.

“I don’t remember the first time I heard Guy’s music.  Maybe I did as a younger man, but it just didn’t click then.  Like the desperados, the songs coolly lie in wait.  They wait for you to start longing for places you’ve been.  They wait for you to mourn people and times that were once vibrant, but now start to dim with age.  They wait for you to hear the right stories and tell a few of your own.

“And then, remembrance jumps the train of your mind and you find Guy there ready to be your companion, ready to sooth your weariness.  And as long as there are freeways to escape and homegrown tomatoes to taste, Guy Clark’s Texan wit and poetic truth will be remembered by those ready to hear.”

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