Everyone recognizes Texas’ most popular big-game animal, the whitetail deer. Deer are often admired in urban areas, tolerated in suburban areas, and expected in rural areas of Texas. Many people welcome the sight of deer wherever they are found. Nonetheless, according to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department brochure Overabundant Deer, over $13.6 million of residential agricultural damage is caused by deer annually. Additionally, there are over 132,000 deer-vehicle collisions in Texas that cost insurance carriers and owners upwards of $9 million annually.

The most popular reasons to attract deer to your property are wildlife enthusiasm, educational goals, photography, and hunting opportunities. Deer in Aransas County live in areas that are smaller in scope than other areas of the state due to the spread and density of human establishments within suitable habitat range. Since the deer live within proximity to humans, they are less conditioned to avoidance. Deer in this area will readily approach dwellings, vehicles, and occupied areas because they matured in that environment, whereas much more rural deer populations are more likely to avoid the presence of human development due to the infrequency of contact.

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