Months of hard work have led more than 40 Aransas County (AC) 4-Hers to the San Patricio and Aransas Counties Agriculture and Homemakers (AH) Show during the week of January 21. With hours of effort in their barn and pens with their animals and birds, multiple attempts at the perfect cake in the kitchen, or hours behind the sewing machine, the AC 4-Hers have gained a multitude of leadership skills that will translate across their lifetime.

AC hit the ground running, bringing in major awards in the chicken roaster category with Megan Leur winning Grand Champion and Kendel Isbell-Rollins nabbing Reserve Grand Champion overall with their respective birds. Other participants in the roaster category were Callum Krnavek who placed fifth, Andrew Isbell-Rollins who placed seventh, as well as Jacob Allen, Makaila Goad, Sienna Goad, Conner Hale, Gillian Hale, and Sammy Lopez. Broiler pens participants were Nicole Allen, M. Leur and Jaci Wendland. N. Allen was awarded Intermediate Showmanship in Poultry as well.

Turkeys overall did well with the following participants and placing’s:

M. Goad had a first place tom and sixth place hen, S. Goad had a third place tom and tenth place hen, C. Hale had a fourth place hen and a fifth place tom, G. Hale had a third place hen, Courtney Haley had a seventh place hen and an eighth place tom, and Trinity Sifuentas had a ninth place tom.

We had another Grand Champion in the single fryer rabbit category with Kinsley Knight’s rabbit. Other placing’s included Destiny Johnson in third place, Sydnie Lopez in ninth and C. Hale in tenth place. Other participants in the single fryer rabbit category were Laila Flowers, Trenton Flowers, S. Goad, Laigen Hillis, Makenna McPherson, Faith Purtell, and Sierra Wright.

In the pen of three rabbits category, we had the following placing’s:

C. Hale in fourth, T. Flowers in sixth, and L. Flowers in tenth. Other participants included Chase Amacher, Marcus Amacher, S. Goad, L. Hillis, D. Johnson, K. Knight, Sydnie Lopez, M. McPherson, Joshua Robertson, and S. Wright.

In the breeder rabbits category, L. Hillis placed second, while C. Amacher took fourth. T. Flowers closed out the night winning Intermediate Showmanship in rabbits.

In hogs, Adam Lamb placed third and eighth, while Jayden Longino placed sixth with each of her hogs in their respective weight class.

Alexis Villa showed her lambs Thursday afternoon, taking home first and sixth place in the fine wool cross classes.

We closed out the show Friday starting with goats. T. Sifuentas had the Reserve Champion Light Weight goat as well as placing fourth in the class with her other goat. Other placing’s included Kara Hill in second, Kate Hill placing third and sixth, Ethan Gregory in fourth, Tyler Gregory in sixth, Gregory Bennett in sixth, and rounding out the goat category was M. McPherson in fourth and fifth, each in their respective weight classes.

Lastly for animals, we had the steer showers. Champ Kuenstler placed third with her British steer and Madden Kuenstler placed fourth with her exotic steer.

4-H youth from AC received $51,700, not counting “add-ins” at the Livestock Show Auction.

The AH show also has a special section called Ag Mechanics for youngsters to showcase their skills in the building trades. The placing’s in their categories were as follows:

Kaleb Conner in third, C. Krnavek in fourth, the team of A. Isbell-Rollins and Sammy Lopez in fifth, L. Hillis in seventh, K. Isbell-Rollins in eighth, Kryslynn Conner in ninth, and Elizabeth Janak in tenth.

The homemakers division of the show was huge this year for AC 4-Hers. They participated in the following divisions: Fine arts, Handicraft, Food, Clothing and Textiles. Our major winners include Reserve Grand Champion in Clothing Kaitlyn Carruth for her skirt and blouse ensemble. C. Kuenstler was also the Reserve Grand Champion in Handicraft for her forged railroad spike knife.

Other honors included the Coastal Bend Quilt & Needlework Guild Award, which went to L. Flowers and C. Kuenstler. Sew-Ciety Needle Group Winners were K. Carruth, L. Flowers, C. Kuenstler and F. Purtell. K. Carruth and M. Kuenstler also received Cotton Awards for their respective projects. J. Robertson placed sixth overall with his photograph of the pier and bay. M. Kuenstler’s handicraft of the decorated skull placed in the top 10 for the handicraft category.

Homemaking participants included K. Carruth, C. Kuenstler, M. Kuenstler, L. Flowers, F. Purtell, Madison Peterek, Braden Peterek, S. Goad, M. Goad, Sydnie Lopez, S. Wright, K. Knight, Javen Camacho, Luke Picarazzi, C. Krnavek, Ava Brandon, Kate Hill, Kayla Ramos, Kryslynn Conner, Andrew Martin, T. Sifuentas, T. Flowers, M. Leur, Luis Hernandez, J. Robertson, K. Isbell-Rollins, and A. Isbell-Rollins.

With such impressive talent and leadership coming out of the AC 4-H clubs we are excited for the year to come with our 4-Hers. Good luck to all the 4-Hers continuing their animal projects on to the Major Shows. We are proud of all the hard work you all have put in thus far. We would also like to thank all parents and volunteers that helped us make the 2019 AH Show a success this year. Without you we would not as fruitful.

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