RFHS band

RFHS Band members competing in concert and sight-reading competition were, back row, from left, Ethan Leftwich, Dane Kidneigh, Connor Chaney, Drew Lanningham, Gillian Hale, Oceania Lara, Devon Clark, David Vega, Parker Shearer, Brady Hattman, Daniel Garza, Andrew Isbell, and Hayden Jeffers; fourth row, from left, Dominic Picarazzi, Isabella Moses, Ben Alfaro, Arah Maloney, Rafe Shelburne, Drake Thompson, Miriam Sanchez-Munoz, Boden Klanica, Parker Brown, and Jacob Nguyen; third row, from left, Emilie Kelley, Eluzay Toledo, Alec Carter-Banchs, Hannah Noggle, Angela Delgado, and Ellie McEuen; second row, from left, : Stormy Lewis, Audrina Huerta, Makinzie Mize, Jaelyn Starnes, Gabriel Austria, Eanna Foster, and Crystal Bueno; front row, from left, Gabriella Castaneda, Kira Johnson, Isabelle Whitfield, Marina Bogaards, Matthew Mann, Makenna McPherson, and Kaitlyn Carruth. Students are flanked by RFHS Band Director Ryan Thornberry, left, and RFHS assistant Band Director Andrew Weliver.

The Rockport-Fulton High School (RFHS) Pirate band competed in the University Interscholastic League (UIL) Region 14 Concert and Sight-reading contest Thursday, April 21 in Sinton.

RFHS was the last band to perform in front of judges and received straight 1’s in concert and sight-reading portions. Because they received a 1 rating last October in the UIL Marching Band contest, RFHS was awarded a sweepstakes trophy for achieving a 1 rating in all UIL competitions throughout the school year.

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