“Champions aren’t made in the ring. They are just recognized there. If you want to see where a true champion is made, look at their daily routine.”

Months of hard work have led 58 Aransas County 4Hers to the A&H show during the week of January 20. With hours of effort in their barn and pens with their animals and birds, multiple attempts at the perfect baked good in the kitchen, or hours behind the sewing machine, these 4Hers have gained a multitude of leadership skills that will translate across their lifetime.

The show started on Wednesday with the Extra Special Show. Three Aransas County youth, Nikki Allen, Alexis Villa and Kayla Ramos volunteered their time to help give over 420 youth an extra special stock show experience.

Aransas County hit the ground running, bringing in a major award in the Chicken Roaster Category with Callum Krnavek winning Reserve Grand Champion. Other participants in the roaster category were Megan Leur who placed 3rd and Andrew Isbell-Rollins who placed 10th, as well as Jacob Allen, Conner Hale, Gillian Hale, Makaila Goad-Mills, Sienna Goad, Elizabeth Isbell-Rollins, Sammy Lopez and William Stephenson. Broiler pens participants were Madison Peterek placing 7th and Braden Peterek placing 10th, also Nikki Allen and Jacie Wendland. Braden Peterek was awarded Junior Showmanship in Poultry as well that night.

Makaila Goad-Mills outpaced numerous participants to win Reserve Grand Champion Turkey with her tom she also had a 6th place hen. Turkeys overall did well with the following participants and placings. Sienna Goad had a 5th place tom and 7th place hen, Conner Hale had an 8th place hen, Gillian Hale had a 4th place hen, Megan Leur had a 7th place tom, and Sierra Wright participated with a hen and a tom.

In the rabbit category we had Destiny Johnson placing 3rd with her pen of three rabbits as well as Jasmine Pruitt placing 6th with her pen. Sierra Wright placed 3rd with her single fryer and Conner Hale placed 10th with his single fryer. Other participants with rabbits included Gillian Hale, Kasen Knight, Kinsley Knight, Laigen Hillis, Sydnie Lopez, Laila Flowers, Trenton Flowers, and Caitlyn Sherman. Sydnie Lopez won Junior Showmanship for her efforts in the ring.

In hogs, Jarin Raney placed 3rd and 9th, while Kayleigh McCall had two 8th place pigs and one 9th, in their weight classes.

Nikki Allen and Alexis Villa showed lambs Thursday afternoon. Nikki had a 3rd place fine wool and 6th place medium wool in their respective weight classes. And Lexi had a 2nd place fine wool and 4th and 6th place medium wool.

We closed out the show on Friday starting with goats. Makenna McPherson placed 2nd and 5th, Kara Hill placed 2nd, Kate Hill placed 3rd, Faith Purtell placed 3rd, Joshua Robertson placed 5th, Chase Amacher placed 5th, Kyle Amacher placed 7th and Marcus Amacher placed 7th, each in their respective classes.

Lastly for animals, we had the steer showers Madden Kuenstler placing 3rd with her Exotic steer and Champ Kuenstler placing 5th with her American steer.

4-H youth from Aransas County received $61,748, not counting “add-ons” at the Livestock Show Auction.

The A&H show also has a special section called Ag Mechanics for youth to showcase their skills in the building trades. The placings in their categories were as follows, Callum Krnavek had two 2nd place entries a fire pit and art piece, Laigen Hillis placed 2nd with her handcrafted dining table, Elizabeth Janak placed 3rd with her wooden bed, and the team of Andrew Isbell-Rollins and Sammy Lopez placed 6th with their dog kennel.

The Homemaking division of the show was huge this year for our Aransas County 4Hers. They could participate in the following divisions: Fine arts, Handicraft, Food, Clothing and Textiles. Aransas County swept Sweepstakes in Photography with Callum Krnavek, winning Grand Champion photo for his stunning sunset photograph and Madden Kuenstler winning Reserve Grand Champion for a beautiful picture of her dog. Both participants received belt buckles for this honor.

Other honors included the Sew-Ciety and Cotton Award winner Kaitlyn Carruth with her patchwork quilt. Maddie Terhune placed 4th overall with her clothing project, a Little Red Riding Hood cape and apron. Sienna Goad placed 5th overall with her landscape photograph. Caitlin Sherman, Sydnie Lopez and Callum Krnavek also had top photo acknowledgments in their age level category.

Homemaking participants included Kaitlyn Carruth, Laila Flowers, Trenton Flowers, Makaila Goad-Mills, Sienna Goad, Kara Hill, Kate Hill, Laigen Hillis, Callum Krnavek, Champ Kuenstler, Madden Kuenstler, Sydnie Lopez, Braden Peterek, Madison Peterek, Marcus Phillips, Faith Purtell, Kayla Ramos, Joshua Robertson, Caitlyn Sherman, Maddie Terhune, and Sierra Wright.

With such impressive talent and leadership coming out of our Aransas County 4H clubs we are excited for the year to come with our county 4Hers. Good luck to all the 4Hers continuing their animal projects on to the Major Shows, we are proud of all the hard work you all have put in thus far. We would also like to thank all the parents and volunteers who helped us make the 2020 A&H show so successful and such a great experience for our young people.

4-H is a dynamic youth organization open to all kids 3rd through 12th grades that provides an environment for them to grow, develop life skills, learn new things and have fun.

For more information on the program, contact the Aransas County Texas A&M AgriLife Extension office at 790-0103.

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