Dear editor:

Since our area was annexed the week of Hurricane Harvey zero maintenance has been done to our flood control system. When we were in the county they would clean, maintain and grade the drainage control culverts and bar ditches every three to four years. Since being annexed the City of Rockport has not maintained them. The culverts have silted in, and the grass and weeds now block the water run off. We now have fewer services and pay a city tax. Why?

The county has recently updated drainage systems to FEMA standards. This has created run off that our poorly maintained drainage system can’t handle. The county has been working on this project for more than a year. Why is it the City of Rockport did not take action to insure the additional runoff would not back up and flood our homes? Now we have to deal with the cost of repairing flooded homes, damage to roads, etc.

Does the City of Rockport have a plan to maintain and/or upgrade our drain systems? Is it even being considered?

If the City of Rockport cannot or will not provide us with the services we are paying for please revert the Harvey annexation of August 2017 and allow us to receive county services.

Jimmy Mendoza

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