Dear editor:

In her letter of 24 August, I grieve that Ms. Anfosso offered her theory that Donald Trump has emboldened hatred that led to the El Paso shootings and then segued to my letter of 17 August.  Where did that come from?

And the advancing “our cause” comment simply referred to promoting our interests as a country and being competitive in this world. That doesn’t strike me as frightening or sinister.

I believe she read something into my note that wasn’t there; I hope she’ll reconsider her assessment.

That said, however, thank you, Ms. Anfosso, for reminding us of our charge here on this earth; you are correct in our duty to our enemies and neighbors.

To correct you, though, I am a Rockport resident.

Therefore, maybe someday our paths will cross and we can break bread, laugh off our differences and talk about those important “small-town” things like how good the coffee is or how the HummerBird Celebration went and if the fish are biting.

Maybe we’d get Ms. Maczko on the phone and ask her how the weather is up in Bartlesville and if she ever gets homesick for Rockport.


Ben Jones

Dear editor:

     The Aransas County Historical Society’s website has recently added audio files for 75 recorded interviews. Ty Husak has done a fabulous job uploading these files to the website.

My father, Fred Heinsohn, is one of the people being interviewed by Kathryn Winkelman in 1990. Kathryn and Genevieve Hunt conducted many of these interviews in the 1980s and 1990s for the Aransas County Historical Commission.

I am so happy to once again hear my father’s voice on this interview, as it is the only recording I have of him speaking. He passed away in 2001.


Kam Wagert

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