Dear editor:

My, the power of the Pilot!  My letter about our futile efforts to obtain a vaccine in Robstown appeared in Wednesday’s paper, and later that day, by 1 p.m., both my wife and I had been vaccinated six blocks from home at the Fulton Convention Center!  Our thanks to friends who gave us a heads-up about the event and to Judge Mills himself, who actually showed up on my doorstep to help me schedule our appointment.  Now that is advocacy!

Because of the appointment system Judge Mills was using, we only waited in line for 45 minutes before getting our shot, thanks to the great work of the city, county, and health workers on hand.

I certainly would be glad to pay this favor forward by volunteering to help with a system that provides pre-registration and appointments for the thousands that still need the vaccine. More than half could probably pre-register online, and the remainder either by phone or in person.  These could all be assigned a specific number, establishing a “place in line.”   That way, when vaccine doses do become available, they could be distributed on an orderly appointment basis.

Meanwhile, I would like to pass along another very kind offer made to me by Dell Franks at Commercial Motor Company, and her husband Mike, who works at Camper Clinic.  To help us get the vaccine at Robstown, they offered us a comfortable RV ride and driver which would provide us a place to rest with a restroom while waiting in long lines.  She told me she wants to help anyone like us who needs the vaccine, and also needs a nearby restroom while waiting.  If interested, Dell can be reached at (361) 463-8483.

David Murrah

Dear editor:

I personally find it very frustrating to watch the news from Corpus Christi and see all sorts of activities and planning to get the people in Nueces County vaccinated for COVID-19. Not a single thing appears to be happening in Aransas County. I assume the County Judge got his shot as a first responder and does not give a care about the residents of the county. If something was happening I would hope The Rockport Pilot would publish activities that are happening to get vaccines for this county. All I hear is HEB telling people they do not have vaccine and the City of Rockport creating a website for residents to check. But any actual movement was just lip service to those waiting for a vaccine. I hope others voice their frustration.

William Page

Dear Editor,

I will be stepping down as the executive director of Aransas County Voters Coalition (ACVC) effective Feb. 1.  ACVC will continue to provide unbiased, referenced information to Aransas County. I would like to thank everyone who has supported our efforts and those who continue to support us.

Informed voters make wise decisions.

Katy Jackson

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