Second round

Nani and Poppie reliving the “dance days”.

You’ll have to pardon this week’s column for being somewhat brief, and family-centered, but it is what it is – my personal column.

The reason for its brevity is I usually spend about four hours in the office on Sunday night getting ready for the upcoming week. This past weekend was a particularly busy one because we were putting together the summer/fall edition of the Visitor’s Guide, and when I finally woke up Sunday afternoon I had to run to the Corpus Christi airport to catch a very important flight to Houston.

The reason for the flight was to join my wife for our granddaughter’s first ballet recital, which lasted a whopping 15 minutes … on a Monday morning.

I’m finding out to what length a grandparent will go to wholly fulfill such an honored role.

Watching my son-in-law scramble to pick up flowers for his three-year-old “ballerina” brought back memories of a very low point in fatherhood.

It reminded me of our first Hot Shoe Show, held in Corpus Christi at the time, when our daughters were young - but a bit older than three - and taking dance lessons from Debra Druse.

I entered the theater that night and Billy Dick, who also had a daughter dancing in the show, said something like, “Hey Mike, where are your flowers?”

I stood stunned, trying to act like I knew what he was talking about, and at the same time trying to come up with a good reason for not having flowers in my possession at that exact moment.

I obviously had no experience in dance recital tradition, fessed up to my blatant sins, and quickly ran out the building to buy flowers for our two dancing daughters.

I imagine my youngest daughter remembered that story and made sure her husband had flowers for their daughter, so as to keep him from such embarrassment.

Anyway, the last minute 30,000-point Southwest Airlines trip was worth every air mile.

I’m glad we have an abundance of air miles in our proverbial “flight bank”, because we have another possible opportunity to use a few more thousand of them in the next week or so … when our oldest daughter’s husband calls and says, “Nani and Poppie, we’re heading to the hospital.”

Another fantastic grandparent experience will await us upon landing at Dallas Love Field, or driving to Frisco – the birth of our fifth grandchild, another precious granddaughter.

Then it will be time to start saving up air miles once again, because I can see more dance recitals in the future!

Luckily, if we can’t get good air fares, or is we run low on air miles, we don’t have any problem driving the seven hours to Frisco to see our oldest daughter, son-in-law, grandson, and soon-to-be granddaughter. We get a lot of talking done when we’re on the road, and it takes, at most, 30 minutes longer driving, compared to flying (total elapsed time from our driveway to their driveway).

If you see me during the next week or so, and I seem to be less energetic than usual, you’ll know why.

Until next week, have a good week.

Mike Probst can be reached at

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