Dear editor:

A friend asked if I had received a certain email from our women’s group and, if I had not, to check my junk or spam folder. I did and to my amazement, the email had been directed there, apparently because it contained a heading of red, white and blue streamers – nothing political. But, more amazingly, there were dozens of emails from Donald J. Trump, Melania Trump, Donald J. Trump, Jr., Eric Trump, Lara Trump, Ronna McDaniel, and others that Google had directed to my Junk folder without my knowledge or consent.

Most of these were donation requests, but some were information updates about campaigns and races I would have liked to receive timely.

I have been aware of the congressional hearings involving the censorship by big tech, but never dreamed it would be directed to a retired, little old lady in Rockport. Gmail is free but is it worth the censorship?

Check your junk folder, folks!

Faye Scott

Dear editor:

We fell back on Nov. 1. I had six clocks to set inside, plus two vehicles. Winter offers five or more hours less daylight every day. Summertime offers over 13-14.5 hours of daily sunlight. Daylight Saving Time (DST) and Standard Time (ST) offer the same number of hours of daylight. And we will spring forward on March 7, 2021 giving us all government-induced jet lag.

Honorable Judith Zaffirini filed SJR13 to abolish DST in Texas. Her bill would allow the voters to opt to abolish DST and end time changes or to keep DST and keep changing the clocks twice a year. Please help me get SJR13 to abolish DST (and time changes) passed.

The federal Uniform Time Act does not permit year-round DST. Scientists, doctors, and teachers state DST is harmful. Permanent ST is best for health, safety, children, and workers. ST is the safest for students waiting for a school bus in the mornings. Permanent DST would delay Texas’ sunrises for 4.5 months. Sunrise would be 8:40 - 9 a.m. on Christmas morning. ST is the safest for students waiting for a school bus in the mornings. For other benefits of year-round ST see or American Academy of Sleep Medicine Advisory

Please join the Campaign to Opt Out of Daylight Saving Time in Texas at and email me at

Thank you,

Martha S. Habluetzel

Dear editor:

How many Americans voted this year?

About 150 million.

How many masks could they wear?

About 150 million.

How do I protect my family and friends?

By wearing a mask.

How do my family and friends protect me?

By wearing their masks.

What is the best vote to make now?

Vote to await the vaccine safely.

Remember … A tiny acorn gives birth to the might oak.

Stephen A. Renner

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