Dear editor:

I am a non-agitating resident, but feel the Letter to Editor in the Wednesday Aug. 19 paper tries to unfairly portray any project delays as the failure of some kind by the city.  It seems to me much more likely that Mr. Kane and “a group of volunteers” chose to not let our elected officials just do their jobs and move ahead with the plan, but rather noisily interjected their own opinions regarding what is best for the community.

What are we, California where nearly everything has to be put forth as a Proposition?

There was plenty of time for the expression of public opinion and comments. If someone wants a more direct role in the formulation of policy they should run for office.

Regarding the plea to not blame the petitioners, etc. for “this possible public safety hazard” (delaying construction on the new Key Allegro Bridge), ask yourself this question – wouldn’t the planned work be much closer to realization without the introduction of the petition hoop-la?

Steven Williams

Dear editor:

I am writing to you about the Rockport for Trump march Mr. Jackson is planning for Sept. 5. I have been following the event he has posted on Facebook. He has grown this event to include open weapon carry, golf carts, motorcycles and larger vehicles. It seems to me Rockport would like to represent itself in a better light than armed folks gathered on a parade ground in response to the Black Lives Matter march, which was peaceful and unarmed.

That being said, I am becoming increasingly concerned about the volume of attendees that are responding. Sept. 5 is Labor Day weekend - a family holiday weekend.

I think of Rockport as a sleepy little town dependent on the tourist industry and trying desperately to recover from Hurricane Harvey. I think of Rockport as a tourist town where many wealthier Texans from Austin, San Antonio, and D/FW areas come with their children to relax and escape the pressures of the places they live in. I imagine just plain everyday families headed our way to enjoy the beautiful award-winning beach. I see newlyweds and groups of high schoolers coming to enjoy our parks and fishing in the plentiful waters.

After thinking about the situation and our choices I thought I better write to you and other community leaders.

Please show that Rockport is a better place. Please show that peaceful demonstrations are our right as Americans. If this place wants to hold on to hatred from its past and carry it into the future, it is a sad day indeed for our growth as a community, and our healing as a people.

It is time for a change in this country and we have a chance to represent it.


Holly Francis

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