Dear editor:

The American people should be called “The Mushroom People”. The current Federal Administration is keeping the populace in the dark and the media is feeding these people dodo.

I have to believe the current administration read Mein Kamp; because the moves being made by the administration are a near mirror image of the politics of Germany between 1928 and 1933. It will not be long before free press and fair elections will be gone. When this happens the populace of The United States will be controlled by a dictatorship.

It amazes me how the young people of this country do not know history or refuse to accept past events. Also, I think of the thousands of men and women who gave their lives for this country and it will be for naught.

If the current elected Republicans and Independents and conservative Democrats do not unite to stop the legislation this country will be lost and the American dream will be gone.

William Page

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