We are celebrating the 150th birthday, or Sesquicentennial, of Aransas County June 12-20.

A lot of people from numerous organizations have put in many volunteer hours to give us a week to reflect on our past, as well as celebrate our future.

I’m not going to rehash in this space all the events that are planned. Instead, I encourage you to tear out the page in this edition that outlines all the events, starting with the Founder’s Breakfast and County Fair at the Fulton Volunteer Fire Department fire station this Saturday.

I know some of you might not be interested in Aransas County history, but I’ll give you a heads up, it’s pretty interesting once you get into it.

It’s interesting for me to think about how long I’ve been in Aransas County. I moved here in February 1984, got married in December of that year, and built our first house two years later. After 29 years in that first home, we moved into another one on the other side of our subdivision.

During the time passed here, my wife and I raised two girls, sent them off to college, agreed with their choice of husbands, and now enjoy the heck out of six grandchildren with personalities as diverse as Aransas County’s history.

Every week I love looking through the old bound copies of your hometown newspaper and picking out the highlights from the current week - 10, 20, 30 and 40 years ago.

It’s a weekly trip down memory lane, except for issues from 40 years ago.

1984 subtracted from 2021 means I’ve lived in Aransas County going on 38 years. That means I’ve lived here longer than many folks, but not near as long as many of the families who have multiple generations tied to the Live Oak Peninsula.

I do, however, proudly claim that I have now lived here for a little more than 25% of Aransas County’s existence!

There are numerous books about our history that might be interesting for you to read.

Anyone interested in the humble beginnings and history of this area is encouraged to read the book, Aransas: The Life of a Texas Coastal County by William Allen and Sue Hastings Taylor.

It can be purchased at local bookstores, gift shops or from the Rockport Center for the Arts.

For a more recent history, one can purchase my first book 30 Years Through the News/Lens. The 330-page book covers highlights of local news, as well as pictures, during my first 30 years (1984-2013) at the helm of this newspaper.

Another one of my books Harvey Hit Here, is a 208-page book telling the story about the devastating Category 4 hurricane that that made a direct hit on our hometown Aug. 25, 2017. The full color book, with more than 300 pictures, can be purchased at The Rockport Pilot (a few signed copies remain).

Both of my books can be purchased on Amazon.

In the meantime, take the time to learn about our rich history by participating in one or more of the events planned June 12-20 in celebration of our county’s 150th birthday.

Until next week, have a good week.

Mike Probst can be reached at publisher@rockportpilot.com.

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