Dear editor:

re: Gadz …, still very interesting how triggered some folks are with anything “Trump”. Defining opinions that are open to change as subjective, versus objective facts are truth that matters and the guideposts of life, is very meaningful. Then to speak of opinions shared that are contrary to factual occurrence as lies, truly opens the “Pandora’s box”. In referencing major media news sources and topics that are being, or have been, proven totally false, two easily researched authors shared numerous big-time whoppers previously in print within the last four years. Brianna Lyman, “Eight Anti-Trump Narratives The Media Finally Had To Admit Were False All Along”; and Sharyl Attkisson lists and explains over 150 in her essay, “Media Mistakes In The Trump Era: The Definitive List”.

Again, very interesting, Examples: New York Times – “Trump flat-out lied when he said his 2016 campaign was wiretapped”; “Trump organization servers were connected to Russian bank being funded by Putin”; and more current, “Trump accused of dishonesty when he mentioned COVID virus possibly escaped from Wuhan Institute of Virology”; and “Trump told Georgia officials to find fraud”.

These are merely examples that were repeated as objective facts, later proven false or recanted with facts. Were they lies by esteemed subjective opinions in print? Our USA is the best country in the world, and “promoting known falsehoods though is not helpful …”

Gary Gilbert

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