Dear editor:

One week before the election and after 50% of registered voters have already cast their vote, I wonder what is really on the ballot for Prop C.  I can read English; I looked at sample ballots and did a lot of research on all the propositions.  I don’t understand what the county is telling me or not telling me on the proposal for a micro-hospital.  If I vote yes, will I be upset when we don’t get a hospital as the ballot clearly states?  Worse yet, if I vote no, will I prevent a needed health clinic for the needy from coming to Aransas County? These are very different types of health services and I am confused.

I was asked to speak at the Realtors membership luncheon this past Tuesday, along with Barbara Gurtner. She was speaking in favor of the bonds and I was speaking against. I had questioned Prop C, the micro hospital having no plan presented and suggested a no vote now and let the county come up with a plan to vote on in May.  Barbara said they had a plan but it hadn’t been disclosed while negotiations were going on.  She also said it would be an HCA Health Care facility and on Enterprise as the county already owns the land.  When I asked her if there was not going to be a micro hospital, she responded that there would not be a micro hospital and that term was used when they didn’t know what they were going to be building.

Well, this was news to me so I contacted my County Commissioner Wendy Laubach.  She was not aware of what I had just heard either.  Wendy got back to me later that day after she apparently had contacted Judge Mills.  Wendy said that Judge Mills is not ready to rule out a micro-hospital 100%, but the thinking definitely is shifting to something more like a Federally Qualified Healthcare (FQHC) facility. This might be a great thing, but it isn’t what is on the ballot.

We have time to get this right!  We can do that after they come up with a plan and then share it.  Please vote no for lack of planning.  Vote no for lack of transparency. Vote no for “good grief what are y’all doing?”  Most importantly, vote no on Prop C; we don’t know what it is going to be!

Andrew Kane

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