Dear editor:

I have to tell you what I did this past week on Wednesday and Thursday - I visited our downtown Rockport merchants up and down Austin Street. I felt like they might be suffering, first because of Harvey and now from the COVID-19 virus. These twin shocks were economic blows to them, so I decided I would go down one side of the street one day and the other side the next and just be of support and let them know that as a local, I hadn’t forgotten them.

But it was such a pleasant surprise to find I didn’t need to give energy and smiles to them at all because they gave both to me!

Every shop I entered was beautifully laid out with enormous varieties of merchandise. I was struck there was no supply chain problem here. Every owner or employee was smiling at me, full of energy and optimism about their displays.

They said business had been great since reopening, especially on Memorial Day and weekends.

We have such variety in our downtown. I had forgotten we have in our midst all kinds of artists and owners who show great pride and creativity in displaying items I had never seen before. I was having such fun exploring.

I didn’t intent to buy anything. I was just going to go along, smile and see what was there. But before I knew it, I had my credit card out and purchases in my bags! I came away smiling, thinking this downtown is such a treasure. What we have here is unique. It’s cute, darling and precious!

I think about all the small Texas towns (my husband) Todd and I have traveled through in our state. So many once-vibrant downtowns are in disrepair, or maybe it’s despair. They are closed up, boarded up and truly depressing. There was evidence of what once was.

Here in our downtown, however, we have evidence of what is. It’s there for our fun and enjoyment. If we don’t patronize it, encourage it, and nurture it, our downtown will over time look neglected like so many others in Texas.

I can’t wait to venture out there again this week. But this time, Todd may confiscate my credit card.

Martha Pearson

Dear editor:

I and many people I know are very insulted by the phrase “white privilege.” I am so sick of hearing the idiot’s on TV. Keep saying that phrase. It is so offensive!!! I and many others have worked for what we have. Not been handed anything! I would like to see the phrase “white privilege” be made a racial slur and the people that say it be exposed for being a racist. Thanks for your time.

John Bridges

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