Dear editor,

Published letters in this paper demonstrate a healthy range of opinion in the community. An opinion about nearly any topic is by definition subjective and may change with time. However, objective facts do not change and may be relied upon consistently. Truth matters and should be the guideposts of our lives. An opinion shared by any number of people contrary to a factual occurrence remains a lie no matter how many times it is repeated.

Regarding the recent letter from Mr. G. Gilbert: Gadzooks! I do not keep up with the three news sources he references but I wonder what is it that Mr. Gilbert thinks is “now being proven totally false”? I agree with the characterization of the previous four years “of falsehoods and national upheaval” but in my opinion that is best attributed to the former President. Also in my opinion Mr. Trump’s attempts to overturn an election and to subvert our democracy are unforgivable. Let the investigations run their course and have the findings revealed. Truth matters.

Our representative democracy has many flaws but is (in my opinion) the best on the globe. Everyone should continue to hold and/or express their own opinions as they see fit. Promoting known falsehoods though is not helpful.

Signing off,

Steven Williams

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