Same news 79 years earlier

This 1949 edition of The Rockport Pilot featured a “deluge” … during the same week as the rain event we experienced last week.

A subscriber emailed the picture accompanying my column this week. Ironically, 79 years ago, in the July 9 edition of this newspaper, the lead story was about 13 inches of rain falling in Rockport in 18 hours.

It turned the city into a lake.

Sound familiar?

I wonder if global warming caused that extended downpour, which happened almost 80 years ago!!

Our recent monsoon began Tuesday, July 6. If I remember correctly, last week’s multi-day rain event, which was declared a disaster, is about the eighth or ninth declared disaster since, and including Hurricane Harvey.

I’m about ready for a period of non-excitement in regard to weather, viruses, racism, and politics.

Fast forward to our recent news headlines.

I for one am sick and tired of hearing about masks, continued needless restrictions on children, the minimum 90% politicization of all things COVID-19 (including vaccines), voter ID requirements that apparently infringe on every minorities’ voting rights, Critical Race Theory, the chaos at our southern border, all things crime (see Democratic controlled cities and states), and of course, the biggie, our nation’s biggest threat, by far - White Supremacist groups.

Everything, I mean everything, is driven by money, politics, and the quest for power.

I’m fully vaccinated, and respect anyone who decides they don’t want to be vaccinated.

I also realize children don’t get to attend public schools (I’m guessing that’s still the case) if they aren’t immunized for all the diseases that claimed the lives of so many children not too long ago (historically speaking).

For months now, the only place I’ve worn a mask has been in an airplane or when using Uber.

During a recent trip, I used Uber four times and the driver said I didn’t have to wear a mask.

Tensions are high in the sky at 15,000 feet, and I understand why.

The majority of those on any given plane are vaccinated, the air in a plane is cleaner than what we breath in our own home, way too many flights are being cancelled, and flight crews are stretched thin.

That’s not excusing bad behavior, on a plane, or any place for that matter, but I understand.

Somebody needs to let the powers that be, and those seeking to remain in power, that the conservative states in our country are open, and have been for a while.

The vast majority of Americans are tired of politics, and the lies told to us by our so-called leaders.

This voter ID argument, and all things related - including the childish actions of our own state’s Democrat elected officials flying off to Washington (their safe space) so they don’t have to face reality – is complete hogwash.

The Democrats must keep division alive in order to have any chance of remaining in control.

Control is everything in politics in case you’ve been sleeping lately. That control is gained by gifts and selected laws selectively enforced.

I’d love to see an extended interview (not a sound bite), with any individual considered a minority, who can keep a straight face, not mention Trump, and explain how having to prove they are who they claim to be - only once during an extended early voting period, on election day, or by requesting an absentee ballot – is being discriminatory.

I bet there are few to none who could actually face a real interview on that subject and come out smelling like a rose.

In fact, I would bet there are millions of people of all races who would never exercise their precious right to vote if not pushed or otherwise coerced to do so.

They simply wouldn’t do it on their own.

However, they are great to be “used” to continue the victimhood narrative loved by one party, and one party alone.

The proof is in the pudding. Democrats across the nation are walking back all the lies they’ve been spewing, and for one reason. It’s starting to backfire, and it’s going to cost them big time at the polls, which of course, means a loss of power and control.

Critical Race Theory is the most divisive thing to come down the pipe in quite some time.

Parents and mama bears (remember Sarah Palin’s speech?) are getting mad as hell, and nothing is worse than being the subject of a mother’s wrath.

The fact of the matter is kids don’t see color until adults get involved.

The Democratic Party lives on division and telling minorities they are disadvantaged and held down by the evil White man.

Are there some cases like that?


But the America the Democrats want to portray does not exist in 99% of Americans’ hearts.

Institutional racism, as proclaimed present in every facet of our lives, is an outright lie, intended to divide and conquer, and can’t hold water in front of the mirror of truth.

Republicans, whatever they are becoming, don’t need division to win.

Democrats must have division to win.

Don’t even get me started on our southern border.

Illegal aliens did not pour over our borders when Trump was president.

They swarm in, virtually unchecked, under President Biden and his Border Czar Harris.

So many have died, simply rotting in the desert, and more will follow, while the cartels get rich smuggling illegal aliens, as well as illegal drugs that kill our citizens.

Never have I seen so many states come to the aid of Texas, Arizona, etc. because the federal government has turned a blind eye to our nation’s sovereignty.

To borrow one of Hillary’s cute little words, but applying it appropriately … it’s deplorable.

If you think the invasion of our country is great, quit talking theory, and invite 10 or 20 illegal aliens, including rapists and murderers, to live in your own home with your own sons and daughters.

Don’t make yourself “feel righteous” on the back of a nation because you won’t personally go out of your way to help an illegal alien yourself.

Ask any immigrant, who migrated to our country legally, what they think of the massive flow of illegal aliens.

One doesn’t have to give up his or her “Christian” card, or “I care about people” card to believe in the sovereignty of our nation, and it’s laws.

And finally, the dreaded white supremacist.

How many murders can you count related to white supremacists?

How many murders in just one city (Chicago), can you count? Who is doing the killing?

Name one of the child victims.

Who kills the majority of minorities?

(Hint: It sure as hell isn’t white cops, white men, or white women.)

I wish the federal government would release every (not just selected) piece of video footage of the Jan. 6 breach of the U.S. Capitol building, and release the name of the cop who killed the unarmed woman, who just so happened to be a white veteran.

If the Democratic Party - with the help of almost all the major media outlets and social media companies - can literally turn our country upside down in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, then we should be allowed to see the actual footage of what went on that day, and learn the name of the cop that killed the unarmed veteran.

And please, take our actual citizens who broke the law out of solitary confinement for “Trumped up” (pun intended) charges.

Every other cop involved in such an incident is identified, just as everyone who is arrested or indicted is named.

Any sense of morality and sense of right and wrong are being flushed down the toilet as too many Americans, who could never reach the heights they have reached, living in any other country, sit idly by.

We are all sinners, but the overwhelming majority of Americans don’t come close to what the left paints them to be through traditional and social media.

Lunatics are in charge, and if regular everyday Americans don’t stand up and let their voices be heard, loud and clear, we deserve, in the future, to live amongst the remnants of a once great nation.

Until next week, have a good week.

Mike Probst can be reached at

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