Dear editor:

When I was in the military, the commissaries (think HEB) had one-way isles in the grocery area. Commissaries tend to get very crowded during certain times. One-way isles helped keep people moving in one direction in a more orderly manner.

It bothers me to this day that people congregate in the isles going in different directions.

I believe Costco has a similar system in place they call a racetrack, where people also move in one direction for social distancing.

The majority of folks in HEB, Walmart, and ACE hardware are not wearing masks or gloves. It’s not possible to separate yourself from some individual coming at you from the other direction in a limited space. By the way … a big “thank you” to these fine workers!

Wherever possible, our local businesses should consider having one-way isles or lanes to keep people from passing too close and bottlenecking the isles.

If we want to open our cities for business, and keep people safe by practicing social distancing, one-way isles makes sense.

Fred Keeler

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